Attitude is Everything!

Today as I was hearing my inner-voice demand me to find a job, I was very reluctant to open yet another page of job boards.  I kept thinking to myself, if this economy is turning around like “they” whoever “they” happen to be on any given day, then where are all the job openings?  It was a very frustrating thing listening to all the negativity going on in my head.  So, I ditched the job search for the day and started reading other bloggers advice blogs about finding employment.  I spent several hours on careerbuilder hoping to find something inspiring but instead found a lot of people complaining via the comments about how they couldn’t find a job no matter what they did.  This was not helping my mood. It wasn’t until I switched the channel on the pity party that I found a blog that made a lot of sense given my current attitude. 

The blog titled Job Searchers: 10 Tips for Staying Positive by Sital Ruparelia  was speaking directly to me as if to say…”Shut up and quit whining, you have more important things to do.”  After reading the entire blog 20 times, it suddenly dawned on me, out of everything I was reading my lesson for today was simply to “Control those voices” from number three on his list, which I posted below:

“#3. Control those ‘voices’: All of us talk to ourselves. There’s a constant chatterbox and dialogue underway in our heads – and very often the things you tell yourself are not usually very encouraging (“You idiot, you should have done xyz”, “Why didn’t you say abc”, “You need to be more confident, “Why are you so lazy?”)  You say these things to yourself all the time – yet if someone walked up to you and said them to your face, you’d be hugely offended. So start taking control of the voice – and start talking in a more encouraging way – you’ll instantly feel good and start taking all the actions you need to take.”

After some thinking I decided that although my attitude was bad today, I really did learn something valuable; having a self-defeatist attitude is not going to solve anything.  It is okay to have negative feelings from time-to-time as we are only human, but when those voices keep coming back it is time to take charge and hush those negative voices with some that are more caring and thoughtful.  Voices that say, “you are good enough, you do have skills, you are important” for those are the voices of success.  (Just a hint though, it isn’t enough to say it, you must believe it too.) 

When we show success in our attitude, we will then have success in our journey.

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Thanks Sital!

Just in case you need it…Take some tips from this little girl!

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