Career Planning

Success is a journey, not a destination!

Over the years that I have worked in guiding people with their employment success, one thing has always remained a constant…finding a job is a process that requires a plan. While it is fun to daydream about all the things you would like to do in your next career/job, there is also the reality that where you are now and where you want to be begins with Career Planning.


As with most things in life, planning creates a basic road-map to accomplishing a goal. When you are faced with finding new employment, whether because of a layoff, termination, burnout or just boredom with your current position, having a plan in place will help you to identify where your journey begins and what steps to take in the process to successfully landing your next employment opportunity.

In this series of articles, you will find that your journey to success will begin with developing a career planning road-map to follow and learning how to navigate your way to a successful outcome.

Time For Change 

Our reliance on fuel has essentially created supply and demand, driven economy and provided tons of jobs in many types of industries, but now as governments prepare to find alternative resources, what does that mean for the working class? What does it mean for industry? What does it mean for the economy? What does it mean for our futures?

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Time For Change – Phase 1: Feel Then Deal (Health First!) 

Before you dig into a new employment direction, your first phase of career planning should be to consider the importance of being mentally and emotionally prepared, not only for your well-being, but also for your best chance for success in your new employment journey.

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Time For Change-Phase 2: Assess Yourself 

Money makes the world go around but it isn’t everything! At this point in your career planning process, you should be thinking about yourself and what “everything” really means to you when looking for your next employment opportunity. Evaluating your values, beliefs, interests and personality and how they play a very important role in your overall happiness and success is the best place to start your research.

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Time For Change-Phase 3: Labour Market Research & Job Trends

Research, research, research…why can’t I just skip ahead and get a job, you ask? Skipping ahead and applying for things that either you are not qualified to do, over qualified for or just throwing your resume out there in hopes of landing a job will not bring you success. Sure, you might find something but it could very well lead to you landing right back where you started or worse…a job you are stuck with because you didn’t do your research!

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Time For Change-Phase 4: Skill Analysis

Once you have completed your research inventory and/or career exploration and identified a few realistic employment options, it is time to prepare a skill analysis. What is a skill analysis, you ask? It is a combination of soft skills/transferable skills, technical skills, education, accomplishments and experience. This is also an excellent exercise for preparing the ground work to develop your next resume!

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Time for Change – Phase 5: Job & Employer Research

Now you have reached phase 5 and it’s all about job and employer research. Through your labour market research you were able to determine what industries and positions are trending and you can now begin researching those various industries and positions for information regarding required skills, education, certifications, and of course salary information.

It is also highly recommended that you research all of the employers in your area who have these positions open to get acquainted with who they are, what they do…(aside from the job they have posted)…

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