Finding Your Niche

Curious and contemplating the next step, the next move and the next possibility, a professional life of ever changing circumstances and no particular direction. Like seeing through the eyes of a child, the innocence of not knowing what comes next and the questions that one can’t help but ask. Doing the things you have to do to make ends meet, working a job that only fulfills requirements and offers no extras, all the while wishing for the lifestyle so many others have.

It has become a game with all the pieces in place and now its your move. What are you going to do? Move to the left and face uncertain disaster or move to the right, which is somewhere you have already been and always ends up back where you started. Oh, but wait, there are two more choices, you can choose to draw a card and follow the advice it gives, which may or may not be in your best interest and that leaves the pass option which gives your opponent the opportunity to get ahead and possibly win, since taking a chance isn’t what feels safe at the moment.

All of the questions, choices to make and which path to follow, can leave even the most well prepared, ready-for-anything personality type confused and overwhelmed. A little insight or a peek into the future from that shiny crystal ball would be good right about now, just to see the consequences of the choice you want to make before it happens.

Knowledge is power and knowing is wise…or something like that, but after the lessons of life that have already been learned, what’s left to know? Plenty! There’s always more to the painting than the naked eye can see and there’s more to what’s written on the walls, that seems to spell it all out, it’s just up to you to read between the lines to find that hidden meaning. Somehow, it’s no longer a game but rather a journey to find your perfect niche and revel in the riches of winning the final prize, your success.

So, what do you know? How much information do you have on that one topic that interests you the most? The subject you picked to be your niche, the way you will make an income and the thing you want to pursue for the lifestyle you want and the business ventures ahead. Not enough, you will never know enough, as there will always be more to learn, research and remember. Sounds difficult but perhaps the most difficult part of it will be the motivation you will have to maintain to stay on the path of success.

Let’s face it, work is work, if it was easy there would be no unemployment and everyone would own a business, but the reality is that to be an expert at what you do takes work, motivation, patience and the ability to overcome the “I can’t do this” or “What was I thinking when I started this” attitude. If it is something, you really want then grab the reigns and giddy-up! No one ever got rich standing on the sidelines watching someone else make the plays.  Although, a lot can be said for the watch and learn method, as theres nothing that compares to rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself.

Go ahead, pick a card and take a chance, the advice in this card is simply to make sure you play by the rules, be educated and well versed before you begin and most of all enjoy your success and rewards when the time comes.

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