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Happy New Year-Time to get your HOUSE in order

Isn’t it about time you throw your resolutions out the window and commit to a lifestyle change that puts you first, rather than forgotten? After all, don’t you deserve to have just as much love, kindness, patience, and respect as you give everyone and everything else in your life? Change comes from within and If we want positive change, we need to start from the inside…

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Attitude is Everything

Today as I was hearing my inner-voice demand me to find a job, I was very reluctant to open yet another page of job boards.  I kept thinking to myself, if this economy is turning around like “they” whoever “they” happen to be on any given day, then where are all the job openings?  It was a very frustrating thing listening to all the negativity going on in my head.  So, I ditched the job search for the day and started reading other bloggers advice blogs about finding employment…

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Positive dose of R-E-A-L-I-T-Y

I always thought how nice it would be to be recognized and admired for some amazing accomplishment and have adoring fans clamoring for my autograph or to be awarded the key to the city, like those philanthropist types. Oh, wait, that’s just a silly fantasy dreamed up by my overactive imagination fueled by my subconscious ego, the one that keeps whispering to me that I’m special…

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