Lesson in Social Etiquette

This post is just a lesson I learned the hard way, but I believe that sharing my professional mishaps, (which by the way-we all have from time-to-time), is a great way to teach others “What Not To Do”

I just had one of those WTF moments and me being me, I spoke up.  I am a believer in speak now or forever shut-up, but generally not before thinking things through first.  However, today for some reason I felt the need to vomit my words all over a blog in a networking group.  I had a serious case of foot in mouth disease and now I feel really stupid. 

Here I was…trying to be the helpful person I am by posting this awesome news story about ACS hiring 450 people in Colorado Springs and I even supplied a link.  I went over to the Q&A section and posted this thinking I could reach everyone in this part of the forum.  Well, about an hour later I went back over to Q&A and discovered my post was removed…It was nowhere to be found and I became a little pissy about it because I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary, and thought it was really rude to just remove it without telling me why.

Anyhoo out of my frustration came a post in my blog on the forum about how I’m trying to be helpful and felt that my help wasn’t needed.  It just kind of spiraled from there and I even made mention of finding another networking site yada, yada, yada, and posted it.   Then I went back to my profile and thought “Fine if they don’t want my post in their forum, I will post it on my “What are you working on” button under my profile. (While I was posting, someone was already commenting and being very gentle in telling me I should ask the forum owner why my post was removed-Politely,)  When I reposted the ad with the link, the link looked funny…like something had changed but I didn’t know what.  So I clicked on it…yep, it changed…to a completely different article about foreclosure?

OMG!! WTF? Then I realized I didn’t get the link from my usual means, I used a service called addthis and even followed them on Twitter because I thought the concept of what they were doing was so cool…(Yeah right).  Now, I don’t just share things in my networking group to annoy people or to get noticed, I genuinely want to help when I can.  Not only did I make an ass of myself by posting the blog, I realized I had also posted the “bad addthis link” on my twitter account…uugghh! and now I have to apologize publicly on my networking site, my Twitter page, and to connectcolorado because I posted them this morning asking them to share it with their contacts…and they did!

Like I said, generally I do think things through but today wasn’t one of those times.  I do hope people will understand that all though I said what I said and did what I did…it wasn’t really me, an alien must have taken over my thought process.  I was however still wondering even though it was totally my issue for posting a bad link to begin with because I didn’t know it would change…why didn’t someone email and tell me to resolve the issue instead of removing the post with no explanation?  That was a little rude. 

I stopped following addthis and next time I will stick with bit.ly for my links and think before I blurt.


  1. StewieJT

    Nice post and don’t worry, we all have our ‘not thinking’ moments! I notice that you don’t seem to use tags on your blog! If you add 5-10 for each post they will show up on the main WordPress site and you will get some traffic that way. I find that most of my traffic comes from my Facebook links so it’s worth signing up to FB if you haven’t already.

    1. 403Laura

      Thanks for reading Stewie and thanks for the tips… I do use tags, thanks for reminding me! I guess I forgot to add them on this story. I also have FB but not for public viewing and I dont play the games n such so it keeps my contacts limited there.

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