Shhh…Just Smile & Nod 

Being in the workforce means learning how to paddle your canoe upstream with sharks on the left, piranhas on the right, and choppy tide waters of uncertainty, secrecy, silos, hearsay, and subjecting oneself to becoming target practice for random, unforeseen strikes of lightning that could sink your canoe, when not prepared to just smile and nod…

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The Bottom Line 

Most often corporate structured businesses rely heavily on managers to oversee departments and provide direction for how employees do their jobs. However, they don’t always hire or promote someone to oversee the department who has experience leading an individual or a team. The manager’s role is created for the purpose of ensuring that strategies to increase the bottom line are being met and maintaining order within their department but the underlying problem with this approach is that the employees become unsatisfied with their job because there is no room for growth…

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