Preparing to find Job Satisfaction

In the last article, “A Satisfactory Job or Job Satisfaction,” the scenario was pretty brutal but presenting the worst case scenario is often times the best way to make a point.  Your story may or may not be similar to that scenario but just the fact that you’re reading this is a clear indication that quite possibly, you do not have job satisfaction.  Perhaps what you have instead is merely a satisfactory job; you may have a good salary and benefits but overall it lacks in work/life balance or opportunity for advancement.  As a result, rather than doing something meaningful, fulfilling, and internally satisfying,  you’re finding this job to be chore-like and treating it as just another day at the office.  By the way, your boss and co-workers will notice your distaste toward your job as it will soon appear on your face, in your body language, through your actions, and in your attitude and performance, if it hasn’t already. 

Is this really how you want your job path progressing?

Spending an estimated 1/3 of your life doing “chores” to earn a living probably isn’t what you pictured yourself doing for the long-term.  If you dread getting up for work, dream-up excuses to call in, avoid your co-workers like the plague, or have become resentful about your position or duties then it’s absolutely time to change this path and take charge of your future.  There is no formula for happiness or mathematical solution for finding job satisfaction but there are things you can do to prepare for something better than what your current situation offers. 

Preparation is a process designed to lead you to a conclusion about what you really want from a job in order to be internally satisfied.  Before you begin preparing to find job satisfaction, here are a few things to keep mind;

  1. Your happiness is your responsibility-No one can make you happy but you
  2. Only you know what’s best for you
  3. Be patient and persistent-Preparation is the beginning not the end result
  4. Money is not the only key to job satisfaction
  5. Success is a journey NOT a destination
  6. Do Not quit your job without having another one to go to

With that said, please click on the next article in this series titled, “Soul Searching-The Self-Discovery Process,” to begin the first step in your journey to find job satisfaction.

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