Random Insanity

Tooling through my day, yes the ever so grueling task of job searching, I open my email and find yet another advertisement for a “work from home” scam.  I have become quite the cynic when it comes to this, as I think these people have cornered the market on stupidity.  Not only do they want you to make a “small investment” but when you do, the information they give you is outdated, full of misinformation and most often filled with ridiculous promises to make money online.   They offer assistance to help you get in touch with companies that are hiring for virtual office assistants; however, they fail to mention that it comes with yet another price tag.  They give links to various websites they claim to have signed up with and from there you can also sign up and get leads to positions with brand name companies.  These websites ask for a fee!  They want you to sign up and make bids for jobs but if you get the job the website gets a fee but not from the company…from you!   The person marketing these websites probably also gets a fee for doing affiliate marketing.

I know it takes money to make money, I have owned a business or two but when it comes to being unemployed, what in the world would possess someone to buy into this nonsense?  I’m thinking a little desperation and probably more than anything random insanity.   Basically out of circumstances of unfortunate misgivings people for whatever reason decide that spending money to achieve a job is going to be the best solution to their financial woes.   It isn’t!  And what’s more, is they have now spent money they don’t have on something that most likely won’t produce anything but frustration and guilt about spending the money to begin with.  Seriously, if you want to work for yourself then get busy marketing your skills, but don’t spend money on unnecessary ventures and believing promises self-proclaimed internet gurus who want nothing more than to take what you have left and profit from something, all the while sitting in the basement of their parents’ house.

If you want a true work from home job, take out an ad in your local business paper, make contact with local business owners, but please don’t resort to trusting these scams.  I am not saying that they are all scams, as there are a few companies such as Alpine Access that really do allow you to work from home and don’t charge a fee, but for the most part, when you start receiving unsolicited emails regarding work from home jobs, chances are they just want you to spend your last meal ticket on something that will never be worth the investment of not only your money but your time.

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