Tailor Your Resume and Stay on TRACK

Over the years’, resumes have evolved into many things, from providing basic information to providing extensive details about every skill acquired and every job duty performed. Where is the happy medium between the two and how does your current resume compare to that of your competition?

Yes, competition! You are competing with other job seekers for the job and if employers aren’t contacting you for interviews, it is most likely because your resume isn’t measuring up to the employer’s expectations…

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Developing a Five Star Resume-Part 1

There are so many variations of resumes that often times it becomes an overly ridiculous cliché.  The truth be told, you don’t need to have every detail about your previous employment history and fifteen paragraphs describing what you did for every position you ever held, nor do you need to spend a fortune having someone else create your resume.  Keeping a resume brief without all of the fluff is the most appropriate and effective method for getting a phone call, especially in the current economy.  Employers don’t want to read long drawn out paragraphs with “I” and “me” statements, they just want the facts in short descriptions…

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Developing a Five Star Resume-Part 2

You have worked for seven companies in your career history and your existing resume is overly redundant about the things you did in each position.  This is not good for the employer to read.  Chances are, like most people, the traditional style of doing a resume in the Chronologic form is what you have.  My intent is to give you a completely different option…

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Resume Headlines: Objective, Summary & Profile…Oh My! (Part 1 of 2)

So much advice from so many perspectives it often leaves even the savviest job seekers scratching their heads. Objective, Summary or Profile statement, which one should I choose? What is the difference between them and how will any of them give me an edge over another candidate? Whoa Nelly! Let’s back up a minute, as we all know, if you put the cart before the horse you will not get anywhere. Perhaps we should start with a few basic questions about your employment goals before deciding what your next employer sees on paper…

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Resume Headlines: Objective, Summary & Profile…Oh My! (Part 2 of 2) 

Now that you have answered the questions “what is your job target, who are you, what do you want and what type of job seeker are you?” The next step is to determine which headline fits your unique situation. Remember when I said “stating which type of job seeker you are will help the employer understand your motivations”? The reason for using any one of these headlines is to provide your motivations up front. These headlines are all about your motivation-notice I didn’t say they are about what you want…

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Show Off Your “SSKA”- Resume Keywords Explained

I read an article today about using keywords when updating and/or creating a resume. While I’m certain the writer had good intentions to provide useful information, after reading through the negative comments left by other readers and further analyzing the article myself it became very apparent that the writer didn’t provide enough rationale to support the basic fundamentals or proper usage of keywords such as, “what, why, where, when and how” to use keywords to catch and keep the attention of your next employer…

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