Soul Searching-The Self-Discovery Process

When it comes to being in a lousy job just to collect a paycheck so you can pay bills, you really should take some time to evaluate what you’re missing out on by continuing on that path.  Understandably we all have a need to earn a living and sometimes we take on employment that is offered because it is a necessity rather than what we want, but now that you have your needs met isn’t it time to consider meeting your desires?  Why continue being consumed by frustration and unhappiness caused by your workplace, co-workers, job duties, boss or whatever the case is in your current organization, when you have the ability to find something more suitable for you?

In many cases fear is the reason people avoid leaving a satisfactory or bad job; fear of change, fear of uncertainty, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of failure and the list goes on.  However this fear applies to your situation, here is a little piece of advice…Get over it!  There is an old but wise saying, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.”  When you keep doing the same things you have always done, you keep ending up with the same result, and if you don’t like that result then it’s time to change what you’re doing.  

Referring back to the article, “A Satisfactory Job or Job Satisfaction,” the paragraph below is relevant to changing your results.

“Obviously you didn’t think! That’s right, you didn’t think to ask the right questions when you interviewed for the job.  Only you know what’s best for you and this was probably one of those times when you didn’t place your professional needs and desires first; other than your need to have a job because of financial obligations and perhaps the desire to work on a full-time basis.  This is the difference between having a satisfactory job or job satisfaction.  It all boils down to being responsible and accountable for your own happiness, and if you aren’t prepared to ask some tough questions of the employer during an interview, chances are, you will always find yourself in the wrong positions, the wrong company, the wrong environment and furthermore, unhappy that you have to spend so much of your time working in an unfulfilling and unrewarding job. It’s a vicious cycle.”

Sometimes the fear holding you back is the fear of finding out why you’re unhappy because ultimately it means that you can’t blame anyone but yourself for your unhappiness, which is why you’re stuck in a satisfactory job instead of being happy and having job satisfaction.  Who wants to accept responsibility for their own unhappiness when it’s easier to place blame on other people, situations and circumstances?  Hint…You do! 

The only way you will find the happiness you seek is to own up to your mistakes, short-comings and bad choices and begin to repair the damage.  Fear of self-discovery is the first fear you need to face in order to move forward.  The only way to do that is to be honest with yourself and use that fear as a motivator to accomplish your goals, rather than obsessing and whining about all the problems at your job and doing nothing about it.  Remember…

You are responsible for your own happiness.

The basic principle of this self-discovery process begins with asking yourself a series of introspective questions to uncover what, when, where, why and how you may be contributing to your own unhappiness by working in a job that isn’t working for you.  This isn’t just a meditation session; this is an exercise that requires the following;

Time alone: Set aside some “alone” time but don’t expect to complete this exercise in an hour-You are in the beginning phase of charting a new course for your future and the time you spend evaluating your situation through this exercise will help you now and in the future.  

A quiet place: You need to hear your inner voice not outside disturbances or distractions

Brain and heart activity: Thinking comes from your brain but feelings and emotions come from your heart-both are needed for self-discovery.

A journal: Recording the questions and answers are important to this process and will be helpful in later exercises.  (Use the questionnaire provided)

Honesty with yourself: No one else is going to see this but you-lying or only telling half-truths will not be beneficial to the process or you. 

The questionnaire is intended to help motivate you to change your current circumstances, so using short answers probably won’t help but providing details and explanations will.  When you’re ready, here is the “Self-Discovery Questionnaire” to get you started. 

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