The Right Fit

While applying for jobs and thinking about the profile statement to catch the attention of the hiring manager, something interesting crossed my mind, as I started typing…

Uniquely skilled with a diverse background in Career Development, Office Administration, and Staff Supervisory positions, currently searching for an awesome company with…

hmm, in my head I see a fun, lively, and dedicated group that enjoys teamwork, but on paper, it reads more like a job description.

So, I thought, why not?

Since employers craft their list of wants from their next employee in a job description format, maybe, crafting my own list of wants from my next employer isn’t such a stretch.

After all, I believe the “right fit” should be determined by both the employer and the job seeker.

Although this article references my personal wish list, and is designed for employers I would like to work for, there was also an underlying motive.

The motive of that article was to not only share my list, but also to get others proactively thinking about what they want in their next job.

I believe people should make a wish list when searching for the job they want, just as an employer has a wish list for the employee they want to hire.

It doesn’t mean you get everything on that list, but at least you can search for employers who align with roughly 70% or more of it.

The wish list should encompass everything you value in your work environment including:

• The company mission, culture, and values
• Management, co-workers, and the Human Resource Department
• Pay, benefits, and opportunities for training, education, and advancement

Why is this important?

Success in your next job depends not only on your ability do the job, but also your capacity to fit in with the company culture, mission, and values, as well as the company’s capacity to fit with your expectations.

It all boils down to having a satisfactory job or having job satisfaction.


So, without further ado, here is the Wish List I created for my next employer;

The successful company will be located in Calgary or Okotoks, Alberta and have the following:

Company and Culture

• Stable and sustainable company with inclusive, supportive, collaborative culture, values, and environment

• Capable, qualified, skilled, and proactive leadership team who lead by example, engage employees through coaching and mentorship, and provide superior oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills

• Dedicated to professionalism, diplomacy, courtesy, honesty, and integrity, with all staff members, clients/customers, vendors, internal and external departments, and stakeholders

• Provide open, positive, and welcoming atmosphere for employees to feel valued, trusted, and supported, and encouraged to share ideas, contribute to company objectives, provide creative solutions, learn from one another, and feel safe to ask questions and discuss concerns when needed

• Energetic, motivated, creative, productive and team oriented employees, who enjoy and take pride in the company, their work, and thrive in their positions, both independently and collaboratively

• Manageable workloads and realistic expectations with appropriate number of department/support staff to perform and meet required objectives and provide coverage where and when needed

• Focused on serving client/customer needs, retaining their business, and maintaining good relationships

• Purposeful, productive, and collaborative staff meetings that benefit organizational goals and objectives

Human Resources & Benefits

• Professional growth & development opportunities, training, advancement, and learning opportunities

• Fair, timely, and objective yearly performance reviews with constructive feedback and opportunity for rewards/recognition, raises, promotions, professional development, learning and education opportunities

• Employee engagement, development, and retention strategies; Clearly defined job descriptions, organizational structure, policies, procedures, and best practices

• Competitive salary & comprehensive benefits package…RRSP contributions

• Work/Life Balance…i.e.; Paid holiday/vacation time, flex time, personal time, flexibility to work from home


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