What is the Goal?

“It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I liked this quote; it made me discover just how important everything we do in life is achieved by some means of goal setting.  Whether it is a ritualistic routine to prepare ourselves for the day, losing weight, or taking the car to the shop, there is always some goal in place to get there.  This is also true for job searching.

Every day is a good day to prepare for your next job, it doesn’t matter if it is a weekday or weekend, there are things we can be doing to actively seek our next source of income.  The first step however, is determining what needs to be done to start the whole process.  This step is all about time management and the best and most effective way to utilize the hours we have available. 

Excuses are trivial when maximizing time…picking up the kids, going to the store, sleeping in because you stayed up too late?  There are so many excuses and reasons to procrastinate but what about paying your bills and being able to go to a movie now and then?  You can’t do those things unless you have an income, and frankly, using excuses isn’t going to get you an income, it’s going to get you further behind. 

Develop an action plan for yourself, if you need to use a day planner and schedule everything you do.  If you don’t have a day planner try this daily job search activity log, which can be changed to meet your needs.  Write down the hours you are available for job searching and also include the time you need to spend doing other things.  Treat your schedule like you would if you were an employee, as we all know that looking for a job is a full-time job.   Typically a full-time job is 40 hours per week, and if you are committed to finding employment, you should be spending AT LEAST that much time searching, making contacts, interviewing, and being proactive, not making excuses and procrastinating.

Part of achieving your goals is knowing how to get there.  Getting there requires a commitment for effort.  If you lack commitment, your results will be minimal at best but if you stay dedicated and focused on your goal, your achievement will have meaning and quite possibly success.

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