When does waiting turn into working?

When does waiting turn into working?

Before I answer this question, there is something that you as a job seeker should probably consider…

Why are you waiting for the phone to ring instead of picking up the phone, networking in person and making a few connections without the use of technology i.e.; IPhone, internet, Blackberry, I Pad etc..?

Dozens of job boards and thousands of postings for jobs you applied to and months later you still don’t have work?  Maybe there is an ingredient missing from your job search, maybe there is something steering employers away from your resume, maybe you are shooting yourself in the foot with too much or too little information, or perhaps you have decided that living in isolation with your technology is a fabulous way to avoid the embarrassment of your unemployment situation.  Whatever the case may be, it all boils down to this-

What are you really waiting for? 

The perfect job will not magically appear and if you are waiting around in hopes that it will, your waiting will continue indefinitely!  A successful job search consists of more than isolating yourself to the available technology and waiting for a response from an employer.  Stop wasting time and start being proactive about your job search without the use of technology; in other words, UNPLUG and be visible in society!  This has to do with stepping out of your comfort zone and making a commitment to participate in society as a human being rather than an over simplified “text.”

Professional Development is the Key Ingredient

A frequently asked question during an interview is “What have you been doing since you left ABC Company?”  This is a great time for you to WOW! the employer  by showing that you take your professional growth and development seriously.  A great response to this question is, “I have been taking an upgrading course to improve my skills in ____” or “I have been volunteering with XYZ as a means to _____”.  When employers see that you are trying to stay active with professional development, they are more likely to be curious about what you have to offer their organization than if you simply answer that question by saying, “looking for work.”

Why is this so important?

Because it shows your willingness to learn and make a contribution, it shows you have the capacity to be self-motivated and self-directed.  It also shows you have the ability to accept change, communicate, manage time and be flexible to work in teams and individually.  Aside from the qualifications an employer may be seeking from perspective employee, all of these attributes are common within a job description and the more you have, the more employable you become.

So, when does waiting turn into working? When you stop waiting!

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