Work in Progress

Are you in the right job, with the right organization, on the right path to success? Or, did you take a left turn somewhere and end up with something all wrong? This page is a salute to “righting” the wrongs and using the left turns as part of the journey, after all; Success is a journey-Not a destination. There will always be something new to learn and discover and the journey to success should always be a work in progress. Whether you’re brand new to the world of employment or you’re an old-school professional wanting a change, there is never a better time than right now to start preparing for your next journey. The series of articles presented here will act as a guide and navigate you on your path to self-discovery and motivation and may even inspire you to travel the road less taken. Enjoy the ride!

A Satisfactory Job or Job Satisfaction?

From the moment you stepped into your job, you felt it; the pressure, the anxiety, and the heaviness of the atmosphere.  Thinking back to the day you started, you remember the only person in the office that acknowledged you was…

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Preparing to find Job Satisfaction

In the last article, “A Satisfactory Job or Job Satisfaction,” the scenario was pretty brutal but presenting the worst case scenario is often times the best way to make a point.  Your story may or may not be similar to that scenario but just the fact that you’re reading this is a clear indication that quite possibly, you do not have job satisfaction.  Perhaps what you have instead is…

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Soul Searching-The Self-Discovery Process

When it comes to being in a lousy job just to collect a paycheck so you can pay bills, you really should take some time to evaluate what you’re missing out on by continuing on that path.  Understandably we all have a need to earn a living and sometimes we take on employment that is offered because…

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